Living on the Newcastle Channel

Everyday is a wake up call beckoning with the hussle and bussle of a busy working Channel.


From the first break of dawn Seaplanes begin their asent flying local commuters to their office jobs in Vancouver. It’s a short 20 min seaplane ride from Harbour to Harbour.  Tug boats bussle by slowly (this is a ‘no wake’ zone) to collect their cargo. Early morning and already barges are loaded with their cargo off to build whatever it is they’re building on the Islands. Perhaps they are rushing to catch the slack tide at Dodds Narrows. Then there is the abundance of sport fisherman off to see what the daily catch is out at the Five Fingers.

These days you’ll see the herring boats out in full force, yes herring Season is upon us. The phanomenon of Nature where the spawn of the herring turns the water turquoise blue. It is quite something to see. If you’ve never seen it befor follow your eye to where all the widlife is and there you shall see thousands of seagulls and Eagles all vying for their piece of the catch. Thats where you will find the water in that perfectly milky blue haze.

We’re pretty lucky to be able to walk from here on the Seawall that leads right into downtown. Walk the other way and we are within five minutes of a popular Isish Pub called Carlos O’briens. There is one of Nanaimo’s better restuarants Beefeater’s a few steps beyond that and beyond that another local pub called Millars.

If you need to get to the ferry fast no worrie,s its a ten minute walk from here and your in Vancouver in 1 hour 50 minutes,A nice day trip without the hassles. Public Transit is the only way to go if you don’t want the parking hassles.

Come Sunset get into the kayak or onto the paddleboard and take to the water. A sunset sail perhaps? Not fast enough for you lets hop on the speedboat and take a cruize over to Newcastle for a Nature Walk through the Prisine Forest Reserve right in the middle of the city. Just like Stanley Park but without the People. The beaches here are pretty rad too.